Electronic Device Policy

The use of cellular phones to initiate or receive calls is prohibited on Bel-Air Country Club property. This includes not only the Clubhouse but the patio as well as the golf course, tennis courts and the Porte Cochere, with the only exceptions being in the locker rooms while seated next to a house phone and the parking lot on the West side of the building. Cellular phones may be used for texting and emailing ONLY in the locker rooms, the Card Room, the Grill Room and patio with the following conditions:

Devices must be placed in silent mode at all times. In the Grill Room and on the patio, devices may only be used while seated.

Devices must be kept out of sight in your pocket or lap, and not left on tables.

Devices may be used discretely on the golf course, tennis courts and practice range, but may not be used at any time on or near the #1 nor #10 tee, nor on the practice putting green by the Clubhouse and should never affect pace of play.